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Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue, is a condition that plagues many individuals working in public safety, emergency response, health care providers, teachers and caring professions.  It’s a common thief robbing people who help others.  It can emerge suddenly as a result of a critical incident or it can come on slowly.  Either way work stress takes a huge toll.

Compassion fatigue is an occupational hazard. It is referred to as “a disorder that affects those who do their job well” (Figley, 1995)  This could spell trouble for those in the public health care and caring professions, given frequent assignments of responding to critical situations.  Helping professionals are a high-risk population for exposure to traumatic stress and eventually to a state of Compassion Fatigue.  It would be a disservice to not assist those who work in service to helping others.  It is preventable and treatable providing we recoginize the signs and symptoms and receive the appropriate treatment.

My Goal is to increase awareness of Compassion Fatigue, to help those who help us.

My interactive presentations and workshops are designed to provide education, treatment, prevention, self-care strategies and tools.